Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Chances are, after a nice dinner whether it's at a restaurant or at home a romantic movie will follow if time allows. Preferably a movie that's a romantic comedy. Us women really don't need to be watching a sad love story and have our mascara run and get puffy eyes on Valentine's Day.

According to they took a look at Google searches and trends and found out the top Romantic Comedy movies for each state. Interesting that Pretty in Pink was named the favorite in one out of four states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico. Arkansas and Mississippi's favorite was About a Boy. I had to look that one up because it totally slipped my mind!

And no surprise that everyone loves a movie that is set in their own state:

Washington loves Sleepless in Seattle. Alaska wants The Proposal and you guessed it Alabama likes Sweet Home Alabama.

You can check out the whole list Here. What romantic comedy movie would be a great one to watch on Valentine's Day?

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