Ten years ago a group of Blevins High School alumni from the class of 1954 established the Class of ’54 Blevins Alumni Endowed Scholarship. The endowment, which began with the group donating $10,000, has now doubled in size to $20,000 due to the diligent efforts of many Blevins alumni from the Class of 1954.

“We had twenty-six classmates in our class, so we were a close-knit group,” said Adell Rodden Campbell in a press release. “The 1950s was considered America’s greatest generation, and I believe it was because we cared about each other and the communities we lived in so much.”

UofA Hope-Texarkana
UofA Hope-Texarkana

“The basis of this scholarship was to care for others,” said Martha Sutton Maple. “This class cared about one another deeply, and we have tried to keep that legacy of caring throughout the years. Every year at our class reunion, we honor any classmate that may have passed away that year. One way we’ve been able to grow the endowment is to make donations in honor of those classmates.”

“The scholarship was created to help care for each generation of Blevins graduates by helping remove the financial barrier for them to attend college,” said Pat Cullins Holder. “We hope this type of support will inspire other Blevins graduates to want to help their fellow alumni as well.”

“There are many people who have donated to make the scholarship possible, but some of the most faithful contributors from our class that I’d like to mention who were unable to be here are Jimmy Long, Mike Stevens, and Wayne Cromer,” Campbell said. Although the class of 1954 began the scholarship, all Blevins Alumni are welcome to contribute to the scholarship fund.

“The Blevins Class of 1954 has displayed continued strategic stewardship over the last decade. I hope this growth is an inspiration to others to continue giving by donating to the UAHT Foundation,” said Anna Powell, UAHT Foundation Executive Director.

For more information or to donate, call 870-722-8516.


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