Coronavirus is not going away any time soon it has become a part of our new normal for the foreseeable future. But there is one thing that most of us are doing that is putting us at risk of getting COVID.

We are a town that really enjoys going out to eat. We go with family for dinner, with friends for lunch, even co-workers but a recent study by the CDC may change that for you. The Centers For Disease Control show a direct link between dining out and getting the Coronavirus. The study shows that 40 percent of the positive cases for COVID-19 involved people going out to a restaurant to eat.

We all take these extra precautions of social distancing, avoiding crowds, and even the hassle of wearing a mask but that may not be enough. This study from the CDC showed that people had two main causes of contracting the Coronavirus. Being in close contact with a person who later tested positive, 51 percent of these people were family members and having spent time in a restaurant in the last two weeks.

The study goes on to talk about going to a restaurant and wearing a mask do not go hand in hand. Most of the restaurants in Texarkana enforce the mask policy, but most of us take ours off the minute we sit down. The CDC stresses that you should not take off your mask until the food arrives and of course being 6 feet apart and eating outdoors on a patio could help lower the risk.

I am not saying that you need to stop eating out, I am saying that make sure you take all the necessary precautions, especially if you have someone in your home that is considered high risk. Just be safe and order in sometimes, we all want to help these local restaurants so make sure you see if they have some outdoor options available for you to enjoy your favorite meal outdoors on the patio.




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