Back in the beginning of his involuntary manslaughter trial, Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team tried to claim that Michael Jackson killed himself by drinking propofol.  According to, his legal team dropped that line of defense after doing unethical experiments on Beagle dogs.

According to a source,

A study was done on Beagle dogs to determine how much propofol would have to be orally consumed to cause death.  The only other study that had been done on the oral ingestion of propofol was on pigs rectums.  The study definitely involved more than two dogs.  It's unknown if the dogs died, or suffered any harm.

I usually don't side with P.E.T.A in an argument, but they are mad about it, and I agree with them a Rep said,

This would have greatly upset Michael, who was known to be a huge animal lover.  This was obviously a cruel attempt to drag out this trial and confuse the jurors, adding more victims to the death toll in this sad case.

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