Dee Snider, who's been very passionate about the topic of censorship since his appearance at the PMRC Senate Hearing in 1985, has once again commented on the matter, stating that it's never really gone away, and it's odd that it's now it's coming from the left side.

In an interview on The Chuck Shute Podcastthe rocker explained that censorship used to be a predominantly right-wing ideal, but just like a pendulum, it's now shifted and is coming from the left.

"Censorship has always existed. People have gotta understand that. It's never gone away," he said. "Throughout time, creatives, artists — people that push back on censorship and try to push the boundaries — and the people who were behind censorship used to be very puritanical; they would give an inch and they'd go, 'You can't go here,' and then the creatives kept pushing, kept pushing, kept pushing."

Snider went on to say that the modern form of censorship is the left's effort to make people "gentler and kinder."

"The pendulum has swung, and it's gone from being a right wing conservative, puritanical thing to a liberal, hypersensitive social consciousness," he affirmed. "And not that I'm not. And you can't say that because that hurts a feeling. This makes people feel put upon, and this is insulting. It's coming very much from the left now, which is very odd."

Listen to the podcast episode below.

What Snider was referring to in terms of today's censorship is "cancel culture." Earlier this year, the vocalist compared the two notions to each other directly.

"I have a song called 'In For The Kill,' and it has all these metaphoric [lyrics] — you know, Fire at will / I'm in for the kill. And I was talking about going for it, just going for it, yet here I was censoring myself lyrically because of the current state of things," he said.

Dee Snider on The Chuck Shute Podcast

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