If you love gardening and love plants then it's time to become a Master Gardener. The Bowie County Master Gardeners have announced an Intern Training Class that will begin this September. 

What Does it Take to be a Master Gardener?

What exactly does it take to be a Master Gardener? You first need to be interested in gardening and horticulture. You will get special training in horticulture and in return, you volunteer some of your time at the Bowie County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office to provide horticulture-related information to their communities.

According to a press release the Internship is a 50-hour training program, you will also attend the monthly Bowie County Master Gardener meetings and participate in training and volunteer services in our area. A criminal background check is required for all Texas Master Gardeners.

When do Classes Start and How Much?

Classes begin September 2 with 35 hours of virtual training and 15 hours of hands-on training. The cost is: $140 or $200 per couple sharing Training Book. This includes Training Book, Background Check, Badge and First Years Dues.

For more information contact the Bowie County Extension Office at (903) 628-6702 or e-mail at Bowie-tx@tamu.edu.

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