Dave and Judy Phillips, of Emmett, Arkansas, recently established the Dave and Judy Phillips Science and Technology Endowed Scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.

“We would still like to encourage and challenge individuals, families, businesses, churches, and organizations to begin a savings plan to endow a scholarship in honor of or memory of a family member, friend or business associate,” Dave Phillips said in a press release. “It will likely take several years to save enough to endow a scholarship; but if you think about it, you are very positively impacting many lives since an endowed scholarship will help students achieve a degree or certification for generations to come.”

“Additionally, your gift also impacts many other people,” Phillips continued. “For example, a graduate, via your scholarship, may enter the workforce and help build your new home or your children’s or grandchildren’s homes. Or, they may repair your car just in time to go on vacation; or perhaps they may help you file your taxes or even serve you at one of our many local businesses in southwest Arkansas. Judy and I realize an endowed scholarship will outlive us and contribute to our family’s legacy. You too can make a multigenerational difference in many, many lives.”

“It is the dedicated efforts of people like Dave and Judy who make it possible for so many others to achieve their educational dreams,” said Jill Bobo, Executive Director of the UAHT Foundation. “This is the third endowment they’ve established through their diligence of putting back a little into savings each month. Over time, their efforts of putting back a little have paid off big in helping students afford their education for a long time to come.”

For more information about UAHT scholarships, please call 870-722-8516 or visit uacch.edu.

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