There will be some safety areas set up at the Texarkana Arkansas Recycling Center and some closure dates have been set as well.

Construction is beginning on the Texarkana, Ark., Recycling Center expansion and City officials are asking residents to use caution when they visit the site.

“Most of the construction work will take place away from visitors but we are going to add some extra barricades as a precaution,” said Brandy Lewis, recycling coordinator.

“This project will mean we have more workers and equipment on site and we just ask everyone to be very alert. Be careful when driving in, use the circle drive to exit the gate and do not cross any ropes or barriers.”

The City received a grant from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to expand the recycling center at 2601 Dudley St., and work should be complete this summer.

The City of Texarkana, Ark., continues to encourage its citizens to continue to increase the amount of items that are recycled. It's good for the city, but also good for every citizen and for the local environment. Recycling numbers are way up over the past few years in Texarkana. Thanks to community support and involvement.

The recycling center will be closed April 17 and 20, and April 28-29. Please call 870-779-4946 with any further questions on the recycling center.