Yesterday was President Obama's Inaugural Day into his second term. Through all the pomp and ceremony, there were two priceless moments! A speech flub by the Vice President and nasty glare with the roll of the eyes from our First Lady.

Yesterday during President Obama's big day a few funny things happened. In a day of  modern technology and social media, we got a chance to see some priceless moments that even 20 years ago we would never have had the chance to see.

We don't know the inside scoop on the video below, but during the inaugural lunch the President leans over to say something to John Boehner, he says something back to the President. Watch Michelle Obama look back at the Speaker of the House with a disgusted look that only a woman can give. Then she continues eating while shaking her head.

Vice President Joe Biden flubbed a speech Sunday night at the Iowa State Pre-Inaugural Ball. He said "I'm proud to be President of the United States." Was it a gaffe or not? Some speculate he will be running for President in 2016.

This next video is sweet and shows the First Family is like any other family in America. Watch as Malia Obama was trying to get a picture of her parents kissing. It took four attempts and the President looks like he's saying "What? You still didn't get the picture?"

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