The original curfew which was for those 18 and under is now expanded to include all citizens of Texarkana. The only exceptions are for those traveling to the hospital, pharmacy or work. The Texas side is also following the state of Arkansas in closing all tattoo parlors, nail salons hair salons and barbershops. The deadline for this is Thursday at 11:59 pm until further notice.

In addition, the mayor also said that The City is suspending the issuance of itinerant vendor permits and revokes all those that have been already issued. This relates to door to door sales in our neighborhoods.

Mayor Bruggeman had this to say about the new curfew:

I think that many people may not be taking COVID-19 seriously. Social distancing is not being practiced by many, I see parking lots full and groups socializing. This is not OK, we are putting ourselves in great risk when in contact with others. Please use the social distancing of being 6 feet apart. Wash your hands frequently, and only leave your home if necessary and avoid gatherings of 10 or more at all times

Watch the full video press conference here:

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