St. Patrick’s Day

Holiday Surprise
We’ve all heard there was a saint and something to do with snakes in Ireland and now we have parades and drink green beer. But what do we really know about St. Patrick’s Day?
Hangover Remedies
Step away from the Bloody Mary. The hair of the dog may go down easy, but it won’t cure that hangover. Instead, try these remedies that we swear by—and some (sour pickle juice?!) we’ll pass on.
Little Green Men
Few icons from folklore and mythology have been branded and co-opted more than the leprechaun. Stories of their rare appearances and coveted pot of gold have permeated almost every aspect of popular culture. They have become so synonymous with Irish culture that the streets are filled with tall gree…
St. Patrick's Day 101
It's almost here! St Patrick's Day is our favorite holiday, and not just because it's soaked in booze. Well okay, it's a lot about that, but there is more, we swear.

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