A car seat exchange warrant amnesty put forth by the Texarkana District Court and the Texarkana, ARK. Police Department ends at 5PM, Thursday June 1..

Because motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children younger than 13 years of age, authorities want to ensure that every child is properly restrained in a vehicle.  In an effort to raise awareness of the Arkansas Child Restraint Laws and reduce injuries due to motor vehicle crashes, the Texarkana Arkansas District Court and the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department are conducting a car seat exchange warrant amnesty period through June 1.

People who have outstanding warrants for Contempt of court for not paying fines can bring in a NEW, in the box, car seat, and the Texarkana Arkansas District court and the TAPD have agreed to waive the warrant fee and reset a payment arrangement without penalty.

Currently, Texarkana Arkansas Police Officers locate many drivers who do not provide proper car seats for their children.  Arkansas Child Restraint Laws state that;

Infants from birth to at least twenty pounds should be restrained in a rear-facing or convertible seat rear-facing, and children from twenty to 60 pounds are required to be restrained in a convertible seat forward facing or forward facing seat or booster seat as applicable.

The car seat exchange warrant amnesty period was announced by District Court Judge Wren Autrey, who said the amnesty program would enable those being sought on warrants to avoid being arrested, avoid being assessed additional court costs and resolve their case entirely.  Judge Wren Autrey said, “These individuals have had their driving privilege suspended and clearing these fines will also enable them to regain a valid driver’s license”.  Judge Wren Autrey will waive the $350.00 warrant fee and release your driver’s license for reinstatement.

Pe’Tree Banks TAPD Dockets Coordinator says, “Many individuals in Texarkana, Arkansas unfortunately have outstanding warrants that could benefit from this.  Instead of being locked up in jail away from your families, bring in a car seat.  You will not only help yourself, but you will also be contributing to the safety of a child in this community.”

All donated car seats will be utilized by the Southwest Arkansas Prevention Taskforce to support the Safety Baby Shower program in the area.  The seats will be provided to parents completing the Safety Baby Shower program and installed by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

The seats can be donated at the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department located at the Bi-State Justice Center, 100 North State Line Avenue, weekdays 8:00PM to 5:00PM through June 1.

For further information, you may contact Pe’Tree Banks at 903-798-3789, Cpl Kristi Bennett 903-798-3187 or Texarkana Arkansas Police Department’s Warrant Officer at 903- 798-3131.


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