Bon Jovi announced that 2020 will now come out on Oct. 2, four and a half months after it was originally supposed to be released. The album was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The track listing has since been shifted. "Luv Can" and "Shine" have been removed in favor of two songs Jon Bon Jovi penned and recorded during the quarantine. A new single, "Do What You Can," was written back in March, when the singer asked fans to contribute a second verse based on their own experiences during the lockdown. The frontman premiered an acoustic version of the song at the Jersey4Jersey benefit; the rest of the band has since fleshed out the song.

You can see the new lyric video below, along with the album's revised track listing.

A second addition to the LP, "American Reckoning," is a response to the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers. The incident sparked a global uprising against systemic racism. Bon Jovi released the song two weeks ago; the band and Island Records pledged all proceeds from downloads until the end of the year to Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative.

“I was moved to write 'American Reckoning' as a witness to history,” Jon Bon Jovi said when the song was release. “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.”

You can pre-order 2020 and purchase merchandise branded with the album's title and "Do What You Can" at Bon Jovi's online store.


Bon Jovi, '2020' Revised Track Listing
1. "Limitless"
2. "Do What You Can"
3. "American Reckoning"
4. "Beautiful Drug"
5. "Story of Love"
6. "Let It Rain"
7. "Lower the Flag"
8. "Blood in the Water"
9. "Brothers in Arms"
10. "Unbroken"


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