Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. No, it's not because of the Cowboys losing yesterday. Although, that does add to it.

No, this study actually comes from England.

The third Monday in January was first designated "Blue Monday" in 2005 by a fellow named Cliff Arnall, who developed a formula marking the time in January when people suffer from a series of combined depressive effects. Arnall analyzed factors such as weather, debt, time since the holidays, time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels, and the feeling of a need to take action.


This time of year just about everyone suffers at least a little of the ho-hums. You have no energy to get off the couch unless it's to grab another piece of pizza or some chocolate.

Some people have a tougher time than others getting rid of the blues. This is not at all to be mistaken for serious depression. If that is the case, please talk to someone. You are not alone.

How do you get rid of the January blues?


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