The 'Big Birds' will take to the skies from Ravel Stroman Field this weekend at Lake Wright Patman.  It's the 22nd Annual Texarkana Big Bird Event with the Texarkana Radio Control Flying Club.

I had a Junior High Algebra teacher that got me interested in R/C Planes years ago. I suck at flying them, and spent a fortune to find that out.  Some of the planes these guys fly are HUGE, and after watching my Walmart type planes smack the ground, I get all excited watching these BIG BIRDS because I know they cost more than my truck.

The Texarkana Big Bird event will run from Thursday April 26 thru Sunday April 29.  The event is free to the public with flying and competition on Saturday.  Flying time will depend on conditions but is scheduled for 10 a.m. to dark.

Take a look at some of this video from past Big Bird Events...

Ravel Stroman Field is below the dam on Lake Wright Patman.  For more information on the show or the Texarkana Remote Control Flying Club email or visit