I saw an article called "The 8 Beers Americans No Longer Drink" at 24/7 Wall Street, but really the message sounded to me more like "Beers Americans No Longer Love", because there are some really big names on the list.

Matter of fact at #8 is Budweiser... That's right, the King of Beers. The list is compiled of brands that have lost more than 30% in the last 5 years.

#1.  Michelob - down 72%.  Really:  When's the last time you had one?

#2.)  Michelob Light - down 68%.  Same thing, do you remember the last one you had?  Both are brewed by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Belgian company that now owns Budweiser.

#3.)  Bud Select - down 60%.  I've never had one.

#4.)  Milwaukee's Best - down 53%.  Made by MillerCoors, and "The Beast" is getting beat by Keystone, and their stupid "Keith Stone" campaign... and it tastes really bad, unless you are already pretty drunk when you start drinking them.

#5.)  Old Milwaukee - down 52%.  Don;t confuse this for the "beast", it's actually made by Pabst, and tastes as bad as "The Beast".

#6.)  Miller Genuine Draft - down 51%.

#7.)  Milwaukee's Best Light - down 34%.  Sucks like Old Milwaukee's Best, but lighter.  Again, they just can't compete with the successful marketing of Bud Light and Miller Lite.

#8.)  Budweiser - down 30%.  That equals selling 7 million barrels less than usual, so not good, but the only beer that's more popular is Bud Light, so at least those poor folks have that going for them.

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