In the wake of the two mass shootings in Texas, Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, is calling for harsher penalties for people convicted of targeting others due to their race, ethnicity, or religion. 

"When you have a group that is targeted because of their race or because of their religion, then that escalates hated in our society and it calls for enhanced penalties, it calls for more aggressive law enforcement work."

Did you know that as it stands, the state of Arkansas is one of only FOUR states in the nation without hate crime laws?  Gov. Hutchinson told a group of sheriffs that he wants to end that distinction, and that he he would also support legislation including enhanced penalties for people targeted for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

There's only four states in our nation that do not have hate crime legislation, that says if you target someone because of their religion or their race then you're going to have an enhanced penalty that you're going to face. Sadly Arkansas is one of those states that does not have hate crime legislation. I want you to know today that I don't want Arkansas to be one of those four states.

Below check out the video as Governor Hutchinson proposes hate crime legislation.

The governor denounced the connection of white supremacy to the mass murderers. However, we appreciate him taking measures to keep Arkansans safe regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Thanks, Governor Hutchinson.

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