Businesses and financial institutions had the chance to attend a Fraud Prevention Workshop on October 7 hosted by the Texarkana, Texas Police Department.

According to Shawn Vaughn, Public Information Officer for the Texarkana, Texas Police Department almost 60 fraud investigators from retail businesses, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies gathered at the Texarkana, Texas Police Department’s Special Operations and Training Center. Detectives Brian Purcell and Lisa Green organized and facilitated the workshop, which was designed to provide an open forum to discuss current local fraud trends. Through collaboration and shared experiences, the participants were able to better understand the challenges of detecting fraudulent transactions and develop strategies for prevention.

Justin White, vice president of Guaranty Bond Bank, said “The seminar was very informative and a stark reminder that although we enjoy the benefits of living in a town that has a small town feel, we must be vigilant in the 21st century to be on the lookout for electronic fraud and counterfeiting in Texarkana. I commend area law enforcement for trying to collaborate with the financial institutions to combat this problem.”

Belinda Zuniga is the IT Manager at Mil-Way Federal Credit Union and agreed with White.  She described the seminar as informative and eye opening, adding “I like the way the different agencies here work together to solve crime.”

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