And we lose yet another restaurant in Texarkana. I'm sad to hear that the rumors are true and it is official.

The Brangus Feed Lot on Arkansas Boulevard in Texarkana, Arkansas will be closing soon.

The announcement that the eating establishment will be closing at the end of February was posted on their Facebook page Monday, February 12:

We at Brangus are very proud of serving hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. We want to take this time to tell all our customers how we appreciate all the support we were shown. We will be closing at the end of this month and hope knowing us was as much fun as us knowing you.


Dang, and I didn't get a chance to see someone try to eat that huge chicken fried steak.

Now with the news of the Brangus Feed Lot closing is there a restaurant that you think would do well in that location?

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