Movies in the Park at Spring Lake Park leads up to its final movie tonight Thursday, October 29 and it's the classic we all know in Texarkana because it's about our town's history. 

Hosted by The Texarkana Parks and Recreation.  The movie will start at approximately 7PM. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs or a blanket and enjoy the free movie!

MGM, Amazon
MGM, Amazon

How better to watch this movie in the location that the murders took place? Did you know there are people that come from all over the country and the world to see this movie in Texarkana and actually in Spring Lake Park? It is pretty creepy when you think about it! And some of us know some of the extras in the film too! Especially in the prom scene. See if you can spot our very own Mario Garcia! Oh, and you'll also recognize Dawn Wells in the movie and will remember her from Gillian's Island as MaryAnn.


The Town That Dreaded Sundown -  Thursday, October 29 


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