Here I am in Cleveland Texas, staying at a La Quinta. I decided to get something to eat, and I learned a little bit about this south east Texas town. According to some locals the best thing to do here is drink... things are looking up!

Started off checking in to the hotel that has no trouble taking reservations, but also runs a first come first serve type thing... really kind of defeats the whole "reservation process", but it turned up with a free upgrade to a pretty nice two room suite. After a stressful drive, decided I needed some relaxation and the front desk sent me to the liquor store... Joy Juice Liquor. Thought the name was odd but found a great deal on some Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey.

Photo by Jeff

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at the only restaurant that the hotel recommended, Pueblo Viejo. So, I check it out and while waiting on a table I strike up a conversation with Debbie and Jesse who are waiting on some friends to do "drank some margaritas".

by Jeff

According to the ladies Pueblo Viejo has the best Margaritas in Texas, and Debbie says she has "had lots of margaritas". I asked what else happens in Cleveland, and the ladies said nothing. Sometimes they have live music at the "Whiskey Barrel" other than that go down to the San Jacinto River bank and party on the beach, but the girls warn not to go unless I know somebody so just tell them Debbie and Jessie sent you...???

Once seated in the restaurant I found that it was more authentic Mexican than any of the chain restaurants that I am used to. There was a couple of entertainers, Carmen and Sergio played guitar and sang for the diners, but not too loud, just the right volume to still be able to enjoy your supper. UNTIL someone is called out on a birthday... then the fiesta is on!

Service was quick and friendly.The food was awesome... perfectly seasoned and cooked. I went with Passion Camarones... (???) Shrimp and vegatables with a Mexican rice pilaf. Fajitas, marinated skirt steak with poblano peppers onions and BACON! (Genius).

by Jeff

I can highly recommend an experience at this Mexican restaurant if you are ever headed down to Houston. Pueblo Viejo is owned and operated by the Lozano family and have four stores with locations in Cleveland, Lake Conroe, Porter and Livingston Texas. At the end of the night, a good time was had by all!

by Jeff