World Of Khaos Thrill Park is located in the same location as the old Terror Nights which has been known for spooking people every Halloween season but not everyone inside is an actor. The workers and paranormal detectives believe that the Thrill Park might actually be haunted!

Workers at World of Khaos have claimed to have seen figures of children and a lady wearing a white dress as well as a construction worker when no one else was there. Owners tell us that while they too have experienced things such as voices and objects moving on their own nothing ever has happened that has harmed anyone.

In 2015, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported a local paranormal team experienced many different things including footsteps, trap doors slamming and unexplainable lights caught on camera during their visit.

HR Manager Laney Bowdoin tells us "I had heard the stories of the spirits. I honestly didn't believe it. Then one night I was at home, speaking to Jeff and Charles on speaker phone. They were at the haunt. They started to set the alarm. I was watching the cameras from home. I told them they needed to get the girl out of the security office. I could see her on my computer sitting in a chair. They went into the office all the way swearing nobody else was there. I looked away for just a quick second, she was gone! Another time Clint and I were shutting the big haunt down. He was pretty shaken by a spirit that had been playing with him. As we walked out I said "Bye" and as clear as day we heard a male voice say "Bye" back. We were the only ones there. So far they seem to like most of us, except Charles"

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