Our community, our country and our world is going through some tough and scary times right now. We are all a little nervous as we hear the news of coronavirus and practice social distancing.

Everyone is thanking healthcare workers as they should, but you know who else needs to be on that 'Thank You' List? All the employees at all the grocery stores.  They are also on the front lines of this whole thing. Especially in our area. Not only are they restocking store shelves as fast as possible and getting us through the check out lines but they are also listening to people's questions and unfortunately complaints. When will you get more toilet paper? Why don't you have more of this or that?

I went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market on College Drive and Summerhill Road yesterday. As I was looking at the lunch meats, I took a step back to get a scope of what was available and a woman that was restocking the area said to me "Ma'am, I am so sorry. We are trying to get everything out as soon as possible. It's will only be a few more minutes." My heart broke! I told her "No worries! You are fine...and THANK YOU so much for everything you are doing!"  She said Thank you ma'am, and pointed to a man down from me and said, 'It's all thanks to management like that man right there."

So, I went over to the man she had pointed to. He was also restocking the store. As he was lifting boxes of food products I went up to him and said "Thank you so much for everything you are doing! Y'all are doing a great job!" He stopped in his tracks and said "Thank you so much for saying that. It's really appreciated."

Like I said, these are the people that are working really hard right now to make sure we can get the items we need.

So, please remember... as you are running into the grocery stores to stock up on supplies, make sure you say a few simple words that can mean so much. It's true, a "Thank You" can really, really go a long way.

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