A 6-year-old child is going viral for her beautiful painting after her art teacher told her she did it "wrong."

On Wednesday (April 21), Gemma Leighton shared a story about her daughter Edie's art class on Twitter—and it quickly went viral.

"My 6-year-old daughter painted this amazing scene at an after-school art club," Edie's mother began, sharing a photo of the little girl's artwork: a painting of abstract trees set against a colorful sky and pathway.

"Her art teacher told her she had done it wrong?! You can't do art wrong! She was so upset as art is her favourite thing to do," Leighton continued. "Can you please show Edie some support and like her painting?"

The tweet went viral and trended on Twitter after people began complimenting Edie's work, with some even requesting prints and using the photo as their phone background.

One Twitter user even noted that Edie's work has probably been seen more times than the teacher's art.

"She ran into school declaring that she was now a famous artist," Leighton responded with laughing face emojis.

"Honestly, I am absolutely blown away from all the amazing positive comments about Edie's painting. I wasn't expecting such a response! Thank you to all of you who have liked and left comments. You have made one little 6-year-old very happy indeed," the mom shared in another tweet.

"Edie would like to thank everyone for the kind and encouraging support. She feels much more confident than she did this morning and will continue with her art."

Leighton also revealed that her daughter now plans to open an Etsy shop to sell her artwork. In the meantime, the proud mom has created a separate Twitter account to share her daughter's work, as well as for other children to upload their creations to.

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