It's the 50th anniversary of the movie "The Graduate." I love the older movies, but how about seeing one on the big screen at a movie theater? We are so used to seeing some of the classics on our t.v.'s on a Sunday afternoon, but imagine seeing them the way they were intended to be seen, on the big screen..

Fathom Events partnered up with Turner Classic Movies and have been bringing older movies to theaters across the country. We are fortunate enough to have these movies come here.  This weekend they are showing the movie "The Graduate" yes, with Dustin Hoffman. It's showing this Sunday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 26 with two showings both days 2PM and 7PM at Cinemark.

I've gone to a couple of these movie showing now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of months ago I saw Bettie Davis in "All About Eve" and a couple of weeks ago I brought my husband to see Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" with Cary Grant.

I'm amazed and a little saddened at the fact that so few people are coming to these movies. Maybe it's because no one knows about it? That's why I'm writing about it now. I want this program to be successful so it will continue. There are more great movies coming over the next few months. For a full list you can go to Fathom Events.

See you at the movies!


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