October is here and while we are patiently waiting on for cooler weather, we don't have to wait to save money. Did you realize there are actually 5 things that go on sale every October?

According to the website, PureWow now is the time to treat yourself or if you are one of those super organized people that are already getting your Christmas shopping lined out then check out these savings:

  • Digital Cameras. Camera manufacturers are announcing new models so stores are ready to unload old camera so they can make room for the latest ones before Christmas.
  • Plants, Shrubs and Trees. If you are a gardener then now is the time to load up on some summer plants. Especially here in the South. Depending on the plant it's not too late to plant.
  • Toys and Games. No the hip new toys for Christmas aren't out yet but the stores are starting to make room for them now. You should be able to find some good deals on other favorites from the past couple of years.
  • Denim. Who would've thought? Thank you Back to School, because now that that is over a lot of denim items will be marked down from jeans to jackets.
  • Wedding Items. This one is a surprise to me, but if wedding season is actually in the Spring and early Summer then there is a long lull. So think bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts and reception favors.

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