Southern Comfortable, or Not? [VIDEO][POLL]
I watched the pay-per-view UFC fights this weekend, and they kept airing these Southern Comfort ads, over and over.  At first I thought, "there is no way that makes me want to purchase that product", but now, I want some Southern Comfort... and a Speedo.
Five Drinks Real Men Should Never Order
I saw where that actor/radio guy Steve Harvey wrote some book titled "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man"...  not sure what it was about, but I call Bull***t!!!
If you are a real MAN, then think like a MAN, and act like a MAN, and the one place you should ALWAYS act like a man i…
Beers Americans Don’t Like Anymore
I saw an article called "The 8 Beers Americans No Longer Drink" at 24/7 Wall Street, but really the message sounded to me more like "Beers Americans No Longer Love", because there are some really big names on the list.
Fast Food Restaurants are Starting to Sell Alcohol
There's lots of big money in helping our wonderful country get fat.  But there's also a pretty good bit of money to be made in getting us drunk.  And now, the fast food chains are finally getting on the wagon, or off the wagon... I never could get that right.
More and more fast food and quick service…