Look, anyone can pair wine with fine foods at nice dinners.  That doesn't take any skill.

Do you know what DOES take skill?  Figuring out which wine to pair with your favorite JUNK FOODS... the kind of foods that would NEVER show up in one of those hoity toity dining guides.

Here are some suggestions from Ray Isle, the executive wine editor for "Food & Wine" magazine, for the times when you want a wine that matches up with your junk food.

POTATO CHIPS, FRENCH FRIES, TATER TOTS. Pair any salty, fried potato with champagne.  Champagne is designed to go with a salty taste.

DONUTS, CAKE, SUGARY PASTRIES. Extreme sweets require something that can hang, so go with a sweet sparkling wine.  A drier sparkling wine will taste like lemon juice.

SLIM JIMS AND OTHER SAUSAGES. Go for a red wine, generally something from the Mediterranean.

SPAGHETTI-OS. Any kind of kid pasta is shockingly sweet.  Adult pastas are usually paired with red wines, but kid pastas require a sweet, crisp white wine.