Texarkana Arkansas City Board of Directors meets tonight at 7pm at city hall. The public is invited to attend the open portion of tonights meeting. There will also be a closed executive session towards the end of tonights meeting.

The ouster of one of America’s most revered coaches, Penn State’s Joe Paterno has been overwhelmingly voted the sports story of the year by the members of the Associated Press. The allegations against former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky and the apparent university cover-up or lack of action led to the downfall of Paterno. The Penn State story received 172 first place votes compared to the no. 2 story which was the labor strife in the NFL & NBA which received only 15 first-place votes.

Building sentiment has inched up to a reading of over 20. Still it is well short of the 50 points or better which shows a thriving home builders market. The level has not been that high since 2006 during the height of the housing boom.

In Sports:

Monday Night Football tonight on ESPN features the Pittsburgh Steelers at the San Francisco 49ers.