Here's more proof that you SHOULD listen to your instincts and get a dog this weekend.  Rescue one from a shelter.  You DO have room in your life for one.

62-year-old Danny Fincher of North Portland, Oregon and his wife Gayle have a 15-year-old Labrador mix named Ceili.  Usually she spends the day just lying around.

But one day, she started following Danny around obsessively.  She'd try to block his path when he went into rooms.  She kept licking his arms and legs and smelling his breath.  When he tried to walk up stairs, she nipped at his feet.

It was like she sensed something was wrong and was trying to warn him.  Because something WAS wrong.  Right there, on the stairs, Danny had a HEART ATTACK.

Ceili tugged him down to safety, then ran to the room where Gayle was watching TV and started barking like crazy and running back and forth between that room and the stairs.

Gayle went to check on Danny, saw him on the ground, and took him to a hospital nearby.  He was getting treatment within 20 minutes of the heart attack... and that quick treatment was a HUGE reason Danny pulled through.

Danny says, quote, "There's no question [Ceili] saved my life".

Dogs are so in tune with their owners that they use their heightened senses and attention to notice when something is off.  They can sniff out infections, heart attacks, blood pressure changes, and even cancer.