"Forbes" just released its 25th annual list of the world's richest people.  And somehow, for the 25th year in a row, you didn't make it.

Even with the global recession still going strong, this year had a record number of billionaires, at 1,210.  And they combine for a record total net worth of $4.5 TRILLION.

CARLOS "SLIM" HELU of Mexico was number one again.  He's made his $71 BILLION by basically running all the telecommunications in the country.

BILL GATES was second, with $56 BILLION and WARREN BUFFETT was third, with $50 BILLION.  They could probably beat out Slim if they'd stop giving away so much damn money to charity.

MARK ZUCKERBERG finished 52nd on the list, with a net worth now estimated at $13.5 BILLION.  He beat out STEVE JOBS, who came in 110th with $8.3 BILLION.

Facebook actually put six billionaires on the list.  Besides Zuckerberg, his co-founder Dustin Moskovitz made the list... as did Eduardo Saverin, the guy who co-founded it then sued Zuckerberg.

Sean Parker... the Napster guy played by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in the movie... is also on the list, with $1.6 BILLION.  And two of Facebook's early investors, Peter Thiel and Yuri Milner, also made the list.


(Check out the full list HERE.)