Good News if you are a Texas Roadhouse fan!

The legendary Texas Roadhouse in Texarkana which is normally closed during the week for lunch is now open until Jan. 3. 2022, at 11 AM. With the exception of Christmas Day, the Texas Roadhouse will be offering the same delicious food you've come to expect like their Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread.


What I love the most about the Texas Roadhouse is the big portions of food they dish out, if you leave hungry, it's nobody's fault except your own. And nothing beats a great steak meal than with a refreshing in-house Margarita or the coldest beer on tap. I'm thinking that Santa is probably a huge fan of the Texas Roadhouse too plus Texas Roadhouse gift cards make the perfect gift, I mean who doesn't like to eat! From some of the friendliest servers in town with great country music playing on the jukebox, there's always fun happening at the Texas Roadhouse.

Can I get a big ol' Texas "Yee-haw?" Oh, Merry Christmas y'all!

Please visit their Facebook page or website.

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