Who would have thought that the world's largest backyard pool would be right here in Texas? I guess not everyone is in a Stage 5 drought.

Located in El Campo, Texas, the world's largest residential pool isn't much of a secret. In fact, it's open to everyone including neighbors, businesses and even wedding parties.

What is now a 600,000 gallon oasis began as a humble little pond behind the house. A pond that was a real hassle to keep clean. According to owner Mike Mobley, "the maintenance on it was really terrible because of the grass and overgrowth on it."

So what all does this backyard pool include? Well, I'm glad you asked. As well as including plenty of room to kick back and relax, there's also a rock waterfall, a sunken bar, a spa that can seat up to 30 people and a monstrous waterslide, which wasn't cheap.

"Your standard average cost of a slide will run you $8-10,000. This one's six to seven times bigger, so you can do the math there," Mobley said. That’s a $70,000 waterslide.

That doesn't even compare to the overall price tag, a whopping $3 million. The spa and sunken bar alone cost $200,000.

Add that to the palm trees imported directly from Florida for a total of $250,000, and you can begin to see how things add up quickly.

World's Largest Backyard Pool

Of course it also comes with your typical backyard pool accessories as well, including an outdoor BBQ, playground and a hammock lounge.

But everyone's favorite attraction is the lazy river, nicknamed Thunder River by Mobley. He even purchased the sign from the original Thunder River at Astroworld.

The pool was never intended to the world's largest residential pool, though. Mobley just wanted a place where everyone could have fun and relax and I think he succeeded.

But don't try topping Mobley's record unless you mean to commit long term. Along with costing $3 million to build, Mobley's utility bills rose by $1,200 or more a month.

Have fun paying that bill.



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