The price of sarcasm is high in one teacher’s classroom. The prof. (and obvious Ultimate Classic Rocker) was ticked that her student left an answer blank, but even more upset that he went on to quote the Who’sBehind Blue Eyes,’ attributing the song to Fred Dust of Limp Bizkit.

While the early ’00s rock group did have success with the Who song in 2003, it was indeed Pete Townshend who wrote it for release in 1971. captured the screen shot from below in which the teacher explains her system of properly penalizing the student. He/she even takes a jab at Limp Bizkit, which earns eight points on our grading scale.

Sadly, the Who may be getting used to being overlooked. Their performance at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony was cut for NBC’s broadcast. Videos later surfaced on the internet.

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