Do you like your eggs scrambled? Fried? Maybe an Omelet? Tell the truth, because it could tell us about your personality.

According to the British Egg Industry Council, a study says that personality traits can be matched to the way people prefer their eggs.  They are even suggesting that your breakfast choice can determine sexual preferences.

POACHED EGGS - You are more outgoing and happier than most. You like upbeat music, and wear loud clothes.

HARD-BOILED - You are more than likely disorganized and are prone to divorce.

SCRAMBLED EGGS - You are guarded and shy and are most likely to not have any kids/

OMELETS - You are reliable, organized, likely have lots of self discipline, and probably keep a neat home. Chances are, people that prefer omelets won't get divorced.

FRIED EGGS - Everything about fried eggs is sexual. More experienced, more informed, and more than likely you have a strong sex drive.

Be honest... how you prefer your "Hen Apples"?

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