Central Mall has been here as long as I can remember and I asked our listeners what can we do to get it back to its past greatness.

Malls across the United States have fallen on hard times. The number of stores in malls across America are declining, the big retailers like Sears going out of business have had a big impact on malls across the nation and especially Central Mall. The increase in online shopping is hurting them as well.

Central Mall was built way back in 1978 and has gone through many changes since it first opened. As a kid, I remember taking pictures with Santa at the fountain. I even have a picture with Spider-Man from the early 80s. From Luby's to El Chico, Corn Dog 7 there was even a McDonald's there for many years, we had choices for food back then. Is there a way to make Central Mall the place to shop like it was back in the day? Here is what our listeners had to say about making Central Mall thrive.

Carl Spicher Jr

As you can see there are a lot of people that are passionate about the mall and what it will take to make it great again. There are also comments on expanding the food court and giving people more choices. New stores of course would be a big help in making the mall the place to go shopping. Another issue that was mentioned was the security at the mall and making people feel safe while they shop.

What would you like to do to help make Central Mall thrive again?

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