Celebrate Halloween and a Comic-Con together at the same time. On Saturday, October 26 it will be time for Spookycon at Central Mall. This is a free Halloween based event with fun, candy, contests, video games, and more. 

The fun starts at 10AM and will continue until 10PM. According to their Facebook page,
There will be video games tournaments for everyone to compete in and play in with $10 tournament entry and $10 buy-in for which tournament you would want to enter at the day of the event on October 26.

Schedule of tournaments:
Time: Event: Stream Channel
10:00 AM Registration Opens
12:00 PM Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles www.twitch.tv/TXK_Keys
12:00 PM Mortal Kombat 11 www.twitch.tv/Mattikus_
1:30 PM Super Smash Bros Squad Strike www.twitch.tv/TXK_Keys
3:00 PM Tekken 7 www.twitch.tv/Mattikus_
4:00 PM Super Smash Bros Ultimate Singles www.twitch.tv/TXK_Keys

If you would like to rent a booth space it's $50 for vendors at this event in the mall just click on the link below:

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