19-year-old Dillon Shealy was participating in a free-style motocross stunt demonstration during the Demolition Derby at the Four States Fair and Rodeo when an accident left him with a crushed vertebrae in his back.

Dillon overshot the landing ramp, and suffered a brutal slam on his landing. The awkward landing crushed his weight with such force it shattered his L4 vertebrae, and slammed his face into the handle bars of his motorcycle with such force that it broke his helmet. Dillon was rushed to Christus St. Michael's Hospital, and underwent surgery.

Dillon posted this pic and message on his Facebook Page...


Tryin' to get better. Thank everyone for the support."

In a message from the folks with Dillon at Maneuver Motorsports said,

He crushed his L4 vertebrae, and had surgery the next day to put in hardware to stabilize it. NO PARALYSIS. He is still in St Michael's and expecting a full recovery."

To see that there is "no paralysis" is wonderful news for the many that have had him in their thoughts and prayers. It was such a horrific thing to see, and such great news that this young man is going to be able to walk again.

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