Ahhh, I hear the highway calling me again as I am sure it is for most of my motorcycle riding brothers and  sisters out there.

Summertime is here, and it is time to dust off the old skull cover, goggles and service up the Ol' Iron Horse for some two wheel highway adventures. There are five places to ride that come to mind. 

Ride 1

Where: Fayetteville, Ark.
Road/Route: Highway 71
Size/Distance: 236 miles from Texarkana

From Fayetteville to Alma, there is a great ride with awesome curves that overlooks the scenic Boston Mountains. I love those Boston Mountains with their breathtaking views and because traffic is light most days, you can take your time with this ride.

Ride 2

Where: Eureka Springs, Ark.
Road/Route: Arkansas 23, 12, etc.
Size/Distance: 284 miles from Texarkana

Anywhere around Eureka Springs is great riding. The ride around Lake Beaver is placid! On a calm summer day when the wind isn't blowing, the water is like glass. Either side of the highway is scenic.

Ride 3

Where: Mountain Home, Ark.
Road/Route: Hwy 201,341,14,9
Size/Distance: 285 miles from Texarkana

Scenic, beautiful motorcycle ride all the way. Highway 169 merges into Highway 341 between Norfork and Highway 14! If you like curves head on down to Allison, have an apple pie and run up Highway 9 towards Melbourne. This latter stretch may have some gravel in the inside curves. Be sure to stop for some breathtaking image sof the Ozark Mountains.

Ride 4

Where: Clinton to Mt. View, Ark.
Road/Route: Highway 16
Size/Distance: 238 miles from Texarkana

Highway 16 out of Clinton, Ark. to Mountain View is a great ride.  Good road, light traffic, great scenery. Mountain View seems to be a great biker friendly little town.

Ride 5

Where: Hot Springs, Ark.
Road/Route: Route 7 & Route 65
Size/Distance: 118 miles from Texarkana

Who doesn't like taking Central Avenue through downtown Hot Springs, Ark.? It's an awesome main drag to cruise, and a super place to stop off and eat. from there you can pretty much go anywhere. It has good road service, winding and hills and lots to see.

There you have it, my favorite places to open up the Iron Horse. So let the road take you to paradise and I'll see you on the flip side. Happy riding. For more info on service, repair and riding apparel visit Whiskey River Harley Davidson. I-30 at Loop 59 or visit the Whiskey River Local Expert page.



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