It looks like since no one can really afford to go out anymore... we've all focused our efforts on HUMPING.

Trojan condoms just released the results of a huge nationwide survey about our sexual habits.  And their big finding: The average person has relations a very solid 2.3 times every week... but we STILL WANT MORE.

63% of people say that they wish they were having relations MORE frequently.

And the reason we want more is because we're having pretty good sex... 76% of people report high levels of sexual satisfaction.

Here's more about what your fellow Americans are doing in bed...

Married couples report higher sexual satisfaction than single people, 82% to 71%.

But single people have more relations than married people.  Singles average 130 times per year, or 2.5 times per week.  Married people average 109 times per year, or about 2.1 times per week.

The most common "exciting" place that people have had relations is in a CAR, at 48%.  Having sex in someone else's bed came in second, at 33%.

Men say that the place they'd most like to have sex is in a plane, at 33%.  For women, the most common answer was on a beach, at 26%.

Men rank their favorite two positions as missionary first (???) and "canine" style second.  Women also rank missionary first, and they rank reverse missionary second.

19% of people have sexted and 19% have had cybersex.

18% have had ACTUAL sex with someone they met over the Internet.

10% have posted something sexual on Facebook or Twitter.

Of the biggest U.S. cities, people in Los Angeles and Houston have the most sex.  People in L.A. average 2.6 times per week, and in Houston it's 2.4 times per week.

Philadelphia and Dallas have the least.  In Dallas, people have relations two times per week, and in Philadelphia it's 1.9 times per week.

(PR Newswire)