The long awaited Broadway musical that Bono and The Edge wrote the music for re-debuted last night. Or was it really long awaited? Check out the video below about opening night. Bono and the Edge talk a little about it too.

Seems there were tons of problems for this production, I'm talking TONS!
According to the New York Post:

Bono and The Edge came out swinging against ousted "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" director Julie Taymor yesterday -- the eve of the unveiling of their revamped Broadway show.

"The hours and weeks and months -- if we thought it would take this long [to complete], there is not a chance on earth we'd have done it," Bono told The New York Times.

"The first time I loved 'Spider-Man' was 2½ weeks ago," admitted the U2 lead singer, who co-wrote the music with bandmate The Edge.

You can read the whole story at: interview with Bono and the Edge