May is here and so far it's ramping up to be stormy month. This weekend was one of the worst so far during this tornado season that typically runs from May until July. First, let me offer my sincere heartfelt condolences to the families in Nashville, Ark.Marshall, Texas and in Van, Texas who lost loved ones in the tornado that struck their towns over the weekend.  And a speedy recovery for all those people injured in those tornadoes that devastated their community.  I was on the road the other evening when I heard the tornado warning on the radio come on.  So, I grabbed my cell phone and starting shooting some video of the dark, low-lying wall clouds hanging over Texarkana as I proceeded to the radio station.

Here's what it looked like.

I thought with more bad weather predicted this week that I would post some information on tornado safety and tips. It's always good to get a refresher course.

  • Make sure you listen to your local radio station for warnings and watches and if you have a NOAA weather radio to keep you informed about impending bad weather. Tune into your local TV station if you are near one.
  • Listen for our community's warning system (EMS siren) that warn us of an approaching tornado.
  • Always go to the lowest floor in the center of your home, interior room, bathroom, basement or storm cellar if you have one and stay away from windows.
  • Practice periodic tornado drills with your family to know what to do in case of a tornado
  • If you have a safe room learn how to reinforce it for better protection at the FEMA website.
  • Keep your trees trimmed near your home by removing dead limbs and damaged trees in case of high winds.
  • Secure any lawn furniture, trash cans, hanging plants or anything that can be blown away in high winds or become flying debris in a tornado.
  • Always keep a medical kit handy, fresh batteries, flashlights and bottled water nearby.

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