Do you use I do. Every time I go out of town I am looking on that site to get an inside look at my destination and things to do there. Ever wonder what it says about Texarkana? 

It's good to get a little refresher on some great things to do right here in town. To get a good overall look, I did two separate searches, one for Texarkana, Texas and the other for Texarkana, Ark.




Located at217 Laurel Street,Texarkana, Ark., 75501

Phone Number: (870) 772-2886

Review by :osceolakid52 from Hillsboro, Texas

“A total surprise”

This is an excellent car Museum . Was not expecting the quality of the cars. This Museum should be on a must see list. Thanks guys for a great time.

Visited April 2016



Located at 420 Pine Street, Texarkana,Texas 75504 

Phone Number: (903) 793-4831

Review by: swbeck55 Texarkana, Texas

A Step Back in History

This was a fun tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and left no questions unanswered. The home is very unusual and has gone through a lot of changes. It was so interesting to see day to day life back in the early part of the 1900's.

Visited September 2015


Photo by Traci Pitman
Photo by Traci Pitman

Located at 202 E. Broad Street,Texarkana, Ark., 71864

Phone Number: (903) 748-1236

“Delightful Find”
This museum is relatively new. It does not contain any full-size trains but it does contain minature trains and lots of memorobelia from the earily train era in Texarkana.
There are fun things for children to see and do.My grandson especially enjoyed the old train bell that he was allowed to ring.
The docent was delightful and went out of her way to accomodate our mid-week visit. The museum is typicall only open on the weekend but I was able to arrange a visit while we were in town on a Wednesday.
No fee - but donations accepted



Located at 420 Pine Street, Texarkana, Texas  

Phone Number: (903) 793-4831

“Local Art at its best!”

This place is so underused, it is not even funny! Folks need to come down and discover this place! The building itself it a work of art in its own rite. It houses offices as well as galleries. The exhibits change a little over a month at a time. There are many things to do as well as view the art, you just have to know when the things are offered. The Melvarue Abraham exhibit was great.

Visited March 2016

Both Farmer's Markets made the list on Tripadvisor

Texarkana Farmer's Market


City of Texarkana, Texas

Located at 305 Texas Blvd., Texarkana, Texas

Phone Number: 903-798-3903

Review by Britney G

“Good experience!”

Definitely worth the drive for fresh and local produce and lots of nice people. We were impressed by the amount of choices. Be sure to be there early.


City of Texarkana, Ark.

Located on the corner of Broad, East 9th, and Jefferson near Downtown Texarkana, Ark. No review was listed on this one but I've been there and I can honestly say it's a great Farmer's Market! Check out their video below.

Holiday Springs Water Park

Located at 5501 Crossroads Parkway,Texarkana, Ark.

Phone Number: (870) 772-2200

review by mmf40

Good fun for everyone.

Reviewed September 5, 2015

Family members attended between 14 to 50, we all found fun in the water. Not too crowded and a welcome break from the heat. Plenty of age appropriate activities. Life guards were alert and paid attention to safety issues.



Located at 217 W Broad, Texarkana, Texas 75501

Phone Number: (903) 278-9077

 Review by Arklatexan

 Talented Kids

 Reviewed August 27, 2014

I was quite impressed to see a children's theatre in a small town like Texarkana that rivals Dallas Children's theatre. What a little gem Texarkana has!