Father's Day is Sunday June 19. The big question is what to get dear Dad? No ties, please. Actually, there are a ton of great things that go on sale this time of year that Dad will love.

Dads love things on sale.

PRNewswire narrowed down the savings for us.

1. Tools. Especially power tools. Guys love tools and now is the best time to get them.

2. Home improvement project materials. Although this is more of a honey do. And will make your Dad think, "Oh great, more work."  If you can spin a positive on this then go for it.

3. Summer sports and yard games go on sale this month, including big discounts on gear for camping, fishing, golfing and pool toys.

4. Men's Clothing. Swim suits, short and t-shirts. Yeah, everything he'll be wearing while he plays with what's mentioned in 1, 2 and 3.

5. Gadgets and accessories. Can you say small electronics?

6. TV's. The prices aren't quite as good as Black Friday but the sales are still decent enough to check them out.

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