Father's Day is Sunday. Take the time to be with your dad this weekend! I lost my dad back in 1998 and I'd give anything to spend another day with him. He was a big, strong man of few words and he lead our family by example. 

One of my favorite memories is when I was about seven years old and I asked my dad, "What's gambling?" He told me "You take a $20 bill," I'm all wide eyed, thinking "Wow $20? That's a LOT!" Then, he said " You take that $20 and you go to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet." I remember saying "Well that's silly! Why would someone do that?" and he said, "Exactly!"

The funny thing is, anytime I have been in a casino (Which, by the way, I can count on one hand.)  His words ring loud and clear in my head and then I spend maybe $5 max!

What are some words of advice from your dad that you still go by?

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