2018 was a pretty huge box office money-maker year for Hollywood, especially if you made a Marvel movie, which includes three of the top 5.

It was very sad that we lost the legendary Marvel character creator Stan Lee in 2018, but some his creations did amazingly well at the box this past year, including the most successful movie of the year:

1. Black Panther: $700,059,566
Saw it, loved it. Even though some of the African accents were a little thick and hard to understand, it was a tremendous movie.
Highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet.

2. Avengers: Infinity War: $678,815,482
Saw it, kinda loved it. The whole Avengers story is great fun and fantasy but without giving away too much, this one left us all with our jaws on the floor. That's why I say "kinda loved it." I can't wait for the follow up to see how this one comes out. By the way, you should really see Black Panther first. Don't watch them out of order, like I did.
Highly recommended.

3. Incredibles 2: $608,581,744
Saw it, liked it a lot. I love that this story was a direct continuation of where we left off in the first Incredibles movie with the battle with the Underminor about to happen. Then they learn more about Jack-Jack's powers which leads to some very funny scenes.
Highly recommended.

4. Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom: $416,769,345
No idea... I may be the only one who hasn't seen this one yet. Looks good though.

5: Deadpool 2: $318,491,426
Almost as much fun as the first one! Not for the little kids of course, but teens and up should enjoy the craziness that is Deadpool. It is rated R moms and dads.
Highly recommended.

There's the list, are these in your top 5? I guess if you're not a superhero or dinosaur fan the answer would be no.

Let us know what you loved at the box office this year.

Box office figures are according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.


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