Yes it's November and Christmas is in the air, but Halloween was only a week ago! Walking in to shops and watching T.V. it's starting to all about 'Deck the Halls'.

I think this early just stresses me out!!!

A recent survey came out and the funny thing is, the older you are the more you don't like the idea of listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving! Hey, wait a minute! I resemble that remark!

The study found:

71% of 65+ do NOT believe it's okay to play holiday themed music prior to Thanksgiving

63% of 45-64 year-olds find it unacceptable

55% of 30-44 year-olds find it unacceptable

40% of 18-29 year-olds find it unacceptable


Okay, I'm not gonna ask your age but when do you think is the best time to start hearing Christmas music in shops and on the radio?

I asked the question the question on our Facebook page, Too Early for Christmas music? Below are some of the responses.

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