The news that Black Sabbath had canceled its upcoming appearance at OzzFest Japan has led to speculation that Tony Iommi's lymphoma had returned. However, the guitarist quickly nipped the rumors in the bud with a public statement denying that he was ill.

"Thank you for all the enquiries about my health, very kind," he wrote on his Facebook page. "I’m not sure how the rumour of my being unwell started as I was away on holiday! Once you’ve had something like lymphoma the fear that it will return never leaves, all I can say is that right now I’m fine and have regular blood tests."

Earlier today (April 9), it was revealed that an "Ozzy Osbourne (and friends)" concert would be replacing Black Sabbath as the closer of OzzFest Japan, without any reason given for the switch. Last month, the band had announced that the Nov. 22 performance would be their "farewell," although it was never determined if that referred to their last show ever or simply their final date in Japan. Black Sabbath have repeatedly said that they will hang up their rock n' roll shoes after their next album and its subsequent tour.

And while there is still no word on when that will take place, we have learned that the band intends to follow through with those plans. As a spokesperson for the band told Billboard, "There have been ongoing discussions about a Sabbath farewell tour, though nothing has been officially confirmed by the band."

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