In July and August, typically high temperatures in our area can reach from the mid 90s to over 100 degrees, which can make certain jobs very tough for people who work outside.

I was thinking of some of the professions in our area that are subject to the heat. My list would include the industrial plants, such as Cooper Tire, Domtar, International Paper and local defense industry plants such as Red River Army Depot.

Anyone in road and highway construction such as Texas Department of Transportation and other road work contractors are outside, on or near hot pavement each and everyday during the summer.

People who work for landscaping companies deal with the outdoor heat issues as do farmers and ranchers.

Other hot jobs include those in sanitation, electrical lineman and cable company employees who are outside. Auto mechanics also work in these conditions.

Finally let's not forget  about our police and firefighters, who when duty calls deal in already dangerous conditions and this time of year have the draining heat conditions to deal with.

So the next time I complain about my inside, air conditioned comfortable job, I hope I can take a minute to think about those who are also working hard making a living, but having to do it in sometimes unbearable conditions.

Looking forward to fall and cooler weather for all.

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