It's been some time since 'The Office' and NBC execs announced that plans for the Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off 'The Farm' were to be scrapped, while last week's "Junior Salesman" featured the introduction of Dwight's "Cousin Zeke" ('Breaking Bad's Matt L. Jones) as the first phase of what would have gone toward the spin-off. With 'The Farm' officially shut down, will NBC air the back-door pilot as an 'Office' episode, or cut most of the additional material? New details on 'The Office's final season inside!

Many an 'Office' fan were cautiously relieved to hear that the series would officially close down in May, abandoning plans for a Dwight Schrute spin-off. Still, with a large amount of the backdoor pilot already shot, how will NBC break up 'The Farm' into an episode of 'The Office?' Show-runner Greg Daniels spoke to Entertainment Weekly, clarifying that pieces of 'The Farm' would likely be adjusted to fit with 'The Office' as opposed to launching a defunct series:

At the moment, we’re talking about cutting some of it out to make it more of an 'Office' episode because the original cut had a tremendous amount of forward throwing stories and characters and stuff that we don’t see again necessarily. Although, we see some of them.

Daniels believed what would have been 'The Farm' would end up as the 18th episode of the season, so as to match surrounding 'Office' story, adding "We are incorporating it, and it’ll be [three-fourths to five-sixths] of the original episode, and we put some more extras in it."

Focusing on Dwight inheriting a bed and breakfast to run, the spin-off was to feature ‘Parks and Recreation‘ show-runner Mike Schur (briefly) returning to the role of Cousin Mose, as well as Tom Bower playing Dwight’s great-uncle Heinrich, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Community‘ star Matt Jones as Dwight’s mysterious cousin Zeke,  Thomas Middleditch as Dwight’s younger brother Jeb, and sister Fanny (‘Roswell’s Majandra Delfino).

Well, what say you? Are you happy to see ‘The Farm’ in one form or another? How do you think 'The Office' should wrap on Dwight Schrute?

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